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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Once again I got to enjoy the largest Christian festival known as Creation Fest. I attended my first Creation at the age of 16 and since then I've gone every year (working the last four years). Here's a couple highlights from Creation for me this year:


Hands down they put on one of the best live shows in the business, and they didn't disappoint. I was excited to hear them play some of their new music which we'll be able to hear on their new album called Awake due out in August. They played "Hero" and "Monster" two new tracks. Both of which excite me for their new project. Jen Ledger is A-mazing. She impresses me more and more every time I see Skillet live. On the Comatose tour they did last year, Jen would sing on the song "Yours to Hold" and from what I hear so far, it seems like she'll be getting even more vocal time on the new album. Her voice is the one heard on their latest radio single called "Hero." Plenty of good stuff to look forward to. They'll be headlining the Awake and Alive tour this fall that features Hawk Nelson, Decyfer Down and The Letter Black.

Lecrae and Friends:

The program said only Lecrae for the 2pm slot at the Fringe stage... except Lecrae came with some friends including Flame, Tedashii, Sho Baraka and Trip Lee. Their stage performance was great and what stood out to me the most was the fact that it wasn't all about Lecrae and his music. They sang everyone's songs. It was a true team effort. A true reflection of the body of Christ. It makes me even more excited to see Lecrae at Purple Door, and I'm hoping the family vibe continues there.

House of Heroes:

First time I got to see these guys live, and they made me love them even more. If you haven't picked up, "The End Is Not The End" - you need to. My favorite album of 2008, and the live performance is equally as good. Some bands just can't pull off certain sounds live, but HOH is not one of them. Be sure to check out their acoustic ep and their tribute ep to the Beatles.

Family Force 5:

So much energy. So much fun. I wouldn't say I'm much of a dancer by any means... but when these guys hit the stage, it makes me want to be one. They came decked out in football pads, and EVERYONE had purple capri pants on. Soul Glow wasn't the only one rocking them this year. It's official... Friday night at Purple Door will definitely be a dance party that you need to be at.

The Classic Crime:

Since these guys are from the Northwest I wasn't sure if I'd be able to catch a live show often. They haven't toured our area a lot, so I wasn't too optimistic. But then I saw them on the Creation line-up and I was stoked. They were by far the one band that was on my must see list. Their latest album "The Silver Cord" is filled with meaningful songs that dig deep into the core of who we are as humans. Matt McDonald's voice was spot on, and I loved hearing the crowd echo back the lyrics. Great set, and I'd see them again in a heartbeat.

Good times all around. I made some new friends and I brushed up on my Mario Kart skills. Which by the way, pretty soon you'll be able to bid on a Wii signed by many Creation artists (like John Cooper from Skillet, Matt from The Classic Crime, John Reuben, Kevin from Disciple, Crouton from FF5 and more!)

What was your highlight from Creation? What band blew you away? Let me know!

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