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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CD Review: Flyleaf "Memento Mori"

After what seems like an eternity, Flyleaf has finally released their sophomore project, Memento Mori. And friends, the wait was well worth it.

I've only had the pleasure of seeing Flyleaf live once, and when I did I was so moved by the presence of God that they brought with them on stage. I recently came across an interview with David from The David Crowder Band (who covered a Flyleaf song on their latest release, Church Music) where he describes the first time he met Lacey:

"They're like right down the street from us in Temple area, which is about thirty minutes from Waco, so they would pop up to services occasionally, and [I] didn't know who they were but this group of people would occasionally appear and they usually would take up the front section of the deal and they'd just be quite exuberant in their posturing of worship. Finally, one Sunday, this very diminutive girl comes up and says, "Hi, my name's Lacey, I have a note for you." And she gives me this little note and along with it a CD. She says, "I'm in a band," and this is really before they took off, y'know? I hadn't heard of them until this moment. I read the note and it starts with this, "Every night we go into the pits of Hell and pull people out and your music has been an inspiration for us. It's very bleak and dark where we are, and we need bits of light and your music has been that for us. "

I loved that wording, every night we go into the pits of Hell and pull people out. Granted, I saw Flyleaf in a very Christian gathering, which is an unusual place for them to play. Usually they are on secular tours in not the most typical "Christian" places. With Memento Mori, they are providing more fuel for pulling people out. Lyrics that are beautiful in every sense of the word. Describing the true grace, love and hope available for everyone. For instance, in their song "Missing," the lyrics point to the need that we have, and the realization that others will leave us...

Oh, something's missing in me, I felt it deep within me, As lovers left me to bleed alone.

Other highlights on the album for me included the tracks, "In the Dark" (with the echos of Lacey's voice and the momentous build into the chorus of Jesus heal me inside this,
Raise me up to live again, Like you did), "Set Apart This Dream" and the description of Lacey's conversion experience on the track "Treasure."

Memento Mori is Latin for "be mindful of your mortality." I believe Flyleaf is doing that by taking every opportunity they have to promote Jesus in every situation they find themselves in. Mememto Mori is definitely one of the best albums - lyrically and sonically to be released in 2009.


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Flyleaf said...

Thanks for your review!

SANTi.SiCKO said...

Wow That Was A Very Good Review. I Too, Like This Band Very Much. Every Track Of Theirs Has A Very Positive Message Behind It And The Screaming Is What Makes People Listen To It. It's Not Just Like, "oh Hey You Can Do Better, Don't Give Up." They Scream.! They Make Sure You Hear The Message They Want You To.! "ARISE & BE ALL THAT YOU DREAM, ALL THAT YOU DREAM.!!!" I Love That About Them. They've Inspired Me So Much. I'm Very Thankful For Them.

SANTi.SiCKO said...

I Have Forgotten To Post A Link To Their Site. Please Check it Out.!