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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CD Review: Number One Gun "To the Secrets and Knowledge"

I will start this review with a disclaimer: I have not been interested in 85% of the Christian rock music that has come out in the last 5 years. I just feel like it has all been done and we are currently in a rut. I don’t know if that makes me jaded, but oh well. With that being said, I really enjoyed Number One Gun's new project, To the Secrets and Knowledge. I can’t say that it is ground breaking in any way, but what they are doing they are doing well. I am also comparing it to their previous releases, which never really caught my interest. I would say that the biggest difference is the use of space in their music and the integration non-distracting production.

When I say space I mean that they utilize dynamics well. Many pop/rock groups are “go, go, go” in their music which will just wear out the listener. It’s fine if you are listening to a single on the radio, but when you listen to a complete album you need the music to take you through a full spectrum of emotions. I feel that this album does that. They are not afraid to strip a song down like on “The People”, or go crazy with production, like on “The Victory". It’s refreshing.

As for the production, I will admit that I love the use of “ear candy” on recordings. Some people say it takes away from the true organic feel of a song. I disagree. I think production can add an entire different dimension to music. When I say this, I mean production that is truly integrated into the music. The production becomes the “hook” in some songs. This album does a great job of utilizing recording techniques and technology.

All in all I like this album. It is a solid recording and a record that will not easily bore me. I see it playing on my iPod in regular rotation for a while to come. Enjoy!


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(this review provided by Brian Rohrer)

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