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Friday, September 18, 2009

CD Review: Hawk Nelson "Live Life Loud"

I find myself very confused and perplexed. When I think of Hawk Nelson I think of sweet pop music and the teenage girls going wild singing along. I mean how many other all boy bands can cover "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?!?" But it works for them, and I can appreciate that. With that said, Live Life Loud isn't fitting into my perception of Hawk Nelson.

Granted, there are the Hawk Nelson must haves. The pep rally anthems are present ("Live Life Loud," "The Job") and the slow singalong Lord work in my heart songs ("Shaken," "Meaning of Life"). However, that's only four songs out of the twelve on the album. I love the short "Ode to Lord Stanley" in all of it's ukulele and vocal harmony bliss, plus the fun rendition of the classic "Tis So Sweet." But some of the other songs seem a little off to me. The talking part in "Never Enough" doesn't quite work for me and Jason's voice seems significantly raspier on this track and other songs on the album compared to his previous work.

Nevertheless, Hawk Nelson is consistent with their lyrics. Providing blatant, impossible to misunderstand lyrics that point to Christ and the continual pursuit of living a life that is pleasing and honoring to Him.

Overall, an album that has it's highs and lows and seems fairly transitional to me. Can't wait to see how these Ontario boys continue to progress.


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