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Friday, September 18, 2009

CD Review: The Letter Black "Breaking the Silence"

Tooth & Nail Records signed The Letter Black (formally known as Breaking the Silence) just a few months ago. According to the band's myspace the meaning behind the name is that, "all of us go through different chapters in our lives. In these chapters we write letters of good and bad times. Some letters in our chapters we are happy to share. Others, we are not so proud of. The Letter Black reminds us of the past mistakes we have made and helps us remember to not keep making the same mistakes." Now this five piece band is hitting the ground running with their debut album due out September 22nd and embarking on the huge Awake and Alive Tour this fall with Skillet and Hawk Nelson.

This is a hard review for me since I can be fairly particular when it comes to female fronted bands. The lead singer is Sarah Anthony and her husband, Mark, joins in with some background vocals here and there. I like Sarah's voice on certain parts of some songs, like "Hanging on By a Thread" and "Best of Me" but other times it just doesn't do anything for me. The six songs on this album are filled with very meaningful lyrics which I greatly appreciate. Like in the song "Collapse," It didn't take long to forget what I once learned, I never believed that there was someone out there who loves me, Until I found the One who loves me as I am. I can't live without You. My heart will collapse into your hands. The Letter Black is definitely rocking it out the whole way through. "Best of Me" has a bit more of a pop feel to it, but the majority of the album is straight up rock and roll.

If you're a fan of the likes of Illia or Eowyn, I suggest you check out The Letter Black. To me they have very similar musical styles.


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