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Friday, March 26, 2010

CD Review: The Classic Crime "Vagabonds"

Matt McDonald. How I love your voice. Seriously, Matt has one of those unique voices that can capture an immense amount of emotions that few others can replicate.

I loved TCC's last album The Silver Cord and was anxious to hear new music from them. Vagabonds did not disappoint. It's once again a collection of honest songs dealing with faith, love and the struggle of life. One thing that is a little different on this album is the amount of songs that are "corporate." And I don't mean "corporate" like a church setting, but in a concert setting. I can already hear people chanting back the my, oh my, what a beautiful day parts in "Solar Powered Life."

The album starts off with "A Perfect Voice." Matt's declaration of who this album is for and why he does what he does. I may not sing your favorite songs, but I don't sing for you, cause if I did I would have been done long ago.

There isn't one bad song on the whole album. An easy listen from beginning to end. I would list song highlights, but I can honestly say that I love each song for a different reason. Whether it be the realization in "My Name" that they can take away everything I have but they can't give me my name, or the guitar riffs in the opening of "Vagabonds," or the beautiful depiction of Christ's love for his bride, the church, in "Broken Mess" or maybe just the fact that I might be like one of those girls sittin' there sippin' smoothies with my sunglasses on in "Solar Powered Life"

This album confirms all of my beliefs that the guys in The Classic Crime are truly talented. I just hope more people find out about them even though Matt says, he's tasted fame but never fortune and he still couldn't care less for both.


(this review provided by Intern Andrew Jones)

I may not have a perfect voice but I still sing at the top of my lungs.” These opening lyrics about not letting the world dissuade you from being what you want to be really set the pace for The Classic Crime’s new album, Vagabonds. This album is the first I’ve heard from The Classic Crime, but with its upbeat music and relevant lyrics, it has me completely sold. I especially liked the songs "A Perfect Voice," "Four Chords," and "Different Now."

Between the songs and the knowledge that the money is going to a good cause (all the pre-release proceeds from Vagabonds are going to the Haiti relief effort) I could definitely feel good buying this disc.

The Classic Crime claims that “even if (they) die tomorrow, these four chords will keep (them) living on,” and I would have to say that I completely agree.


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