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Monday, June 28, 2010

Children 18:3 "Rain's A' Comin'"

When Children 18:3's self-titled debut came out in 2008, I remember loving their sound. It was different and fun. Their songs were catchy and I felt like the album was a fast moving train. Song after song was intense and high speed and by the time I got to the end of the album I remember thinking, "it's over already?"

Well, good news. Children 18:3 has released their sophomore effort on Tooth & Nail and it is absolutely delightful. These siblings have got a good thing going on. Rain's A' Comin' showcases David and Lee Marie's harmonies and I love how Lee Marie's voice is a prominent feature on the new album.

The title track is the first song on the album and it is a great way to begin. The song builds from the beginning until we hear David sing passionately, "crawl down, won't you come on down, run down with me..." Yes, I think you should join them because the ride is just starting. The album kicks into high gear with the next song, "Cover Your Eyes."

"Cover Your Eyes" reminds me of what I know and love of Children 18:3. They charge through the verses, and let up just enough for you to join in on the chorus. This is also the first song they made a video for. You can enjoy that gem here.

Highlights on the album for me are "Oh Honestly!" a much slower and pop-inspired song. But they make it work and don't lose the essence of who they are just to make a pop song.

Lee Marie's voice in "Wonder I" is fantastic. Almost like a lullaby, "wonder, wonder I, if I stood on your shoulders, could I touch the sky?"

The album ends perfectly. The first track was dramatic and last track makes me laugh. It's very much a carnivalesque song, and after seeing a few interviews with these siblings I think sometimes that might be what their life is like.

Overall, this album excites me. I'm hoping with two solid releases under their belt, Children 18:3's fan base will grow and they'll finally be recognized as one of the standards for great music.


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